Read This: Into the Water

June 19, 2017

When I found out that Paula Hawkins, author of The Girl on the Train, had written another novel, I had to read it immediately. I mean immediately after I finished the book I was currently reading. I was never one to not finish a book, but nonetheless, I was purchasing Into the Water as fast as my fingers would click buy.


Once again, I was drawn into the depths of Hawkins' imagination, but not after struggling to get into the book. I had to re-read a couple pages to make sure I understood all of the characters - considering there are roughly 10 characters, making the flow of the story a bit more choppy. Hawkins' doesn't quite build the background of all of the characters, like she does in The Girl on the Train, nor does she construct the depth of the plot.


The plot focuses on "The Drowning Pool," which a place where women seemingly commit suicide or accidentally fall in; however, one of the characters, Nel Abbot, tries to prove this cursed place in the river differently. 


The overall tone of the book is eery, chilling and very much a thriller. Reading this at night left me unable to fall asleep at times, thinking about what I had just read and the haunting tales shared between characters. 


Of course, this book is going to be compared to her number #1 New York Times bestseller, and it might fall short for some, but Into the Water is able to stand on its on with Hawkins' phenomenal storytelling and captivating mystery. With all this be said, it was still a page-turner for me and I would still recommend it as a summer read.




Also, here's a list of other books I suggest reading if you're into the "girls gone/missing/dead/crazy" theme:





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