Nashville First: Wine on the River

September 10, 2017

Mention wine and people come running. It's like a universal language that everyone seems to understand. Now in its 15th year, Wine on the River transports you through different countries all via a walk down the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge. 

completelyThis festival has been on my list of things to do in Nashville since I moved to Music City, and honestly, it's because of the location. Being able to drink wine on the Pedestrian Bridge while taking in the sights of downtown Nashville just seems like there couldn't be a more perfect pairing. To me, Wine on the River's always been a classy, upscale event - a festival that says, "drinking with your pinkies out is a must." The event on Saturday somewhat gave off the classy vibe - I understand there's always going to be the crowd that just wants to get wasted, and I'm sure there isn't a drink out there that they've met and didn't like. Then there are those that actually want to try different wines, beers and spirits that the event offers, and honestly, I think you just have to prepare yourself for both. What I wasn't prepared for though, was that the bridge wasn't shut down. I'm sure there's some Nashville law that prevents an event from totally taking over the bridge, but needless to say, the bridge was very crowded. I would've loved a few more place to sit to take in the ambiance and a maybe a couple more food vendors. 


Don't get me wrong, this is still an event that I would put down on my calendar year after year. What beats being able to sip wine, beer and spirits plus listen to live music on one of the iconic landmarks in Nashville. One of the key components here is that the event contributes to the non-profit organization, The District.  


If you missed the warning signs to get your tickets early to Wine on the River and weren't able to attend the sold out event, listen up! There's always next year so mark your calendars, set alarms on your phone, do whatever it takes to make sure you don't miss this delectable event next year.




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