Topgolf Nashville

September 14, 2017

It's finally here! The much-anticipated opening of Topgolf Nashville has finally arrived! I don't know the exact timeline, but it seems like construction has been going on for quite some time for those of us that pass the skyline-gracing venue on a weekly basis. I've never been to a Topgolf, so I went in with an open mind and it was just as I expected, plus more. The venue's a playground for those that love to golf and also for those that are just looking to have a good time. 


The Topgolf Nashville boasts three floors with 100+ climate controlled hitting bays, and of course, there's food and bars for those that like to indulge while they swing away at golf balls. The location offers a menu unique to Nashville and last night didn't disappoint. There was a grilling station where lamb popsicles were offered, as well as a full buffet for the attendees. Fun fact: there's an online series, "Topgolf Chef Showdown," that features Topgolf chefs battling it out in the kitchen. Plus, each Topgolf location has its own accomplished executive chef. I think it's easy to say last night our favorite item on the menu's the injectable donut holes. 


If you haven't already come to the conclusion, I'm a new-found fan of Topgolf. Like I mentioned earlier, it was my first time stepping foot into a venue, and for not being a "golfer," I really enjoyed myself. I enjoy taking turns hitting balls and appreciate the lively, fun atmosphere. Also, another unique character that the Nashville location offers, is a band stage for artists to share their music. Plus an awesome terrace bar with breathtaking views of downtown Nashville. 


Ok, so the burning question is, when does the place open?! The official, official grand opening is Friday, September 22nd so take the day off from work, play hooky or do whatever you need to do, but plan accordingly to visit Topgolf Nashville. Oh - and also practice that golf swing.




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