Finding Your Confidence

August 23, 2018

"Stepping outside of your comfort zone is where life begins, " Anonymous. I've see this quote many times and agree - for the most part. I do believe that many of us, myself included, are waiting for the next big thing to happen or we're waiting until we're skinny or until we're older. But as of recently, I learned that you need to stop waiting and just do.


I stepped outside of my comfort zone this past weekend and stopped waiting to attend an event where I could network with bloggers, and expand my knowledge or even get validated that I am on the right path. I usually end up telling myself that I don't have time or make up some other excuse. This time though, after getting invited, I made plans to attend the Blogger Xchange Xpo here in Nashville. 



I might come off as a confident individual and I typically am, but I also have to be in certain atmospheres. This weekend wasn't one of those times. I wish I could give you some secret recipe to pulling off confidence in a new surrounding or when it comes to meeting new people, but there's not one. I can tell you what works for me, but that might not work for you. One thing I do is remind myself  that I am confident and that people around me are experiencing the same thing. (In this case, there were plenty of bloggers that signed up for the event not knowing another blogger.) It's almost like I'm hyping myself up. I compare it to an athlete that has to "go to that place" in order to perform at their highest level of competition to win. Another thing that I do is remind myself that I have a strong support system backing me, so if this doesn't work out, I always have my family and friends to rely on. Also I remember that I've had media training and have been live in front of thousands of people, so walking up and introducing myself to a new group of people should be a piece of cake. Oh, and having a bomb outfit usually gives me that extra oomph. 



I'm sure you've gathered by now that I'm glad I did step out of my comfort zone. I met so many amazing and influential people. Not only did I learn some new tips and tricks, I now have a girl gang that supports one another (and a group text aha gets epically long if I don't keep up with it, but nonetheless I LOVE it). It was nice to meet a group of ladies that share the same interest and not have to explain what blogging is, plus know how important it is to get the photo. From the ladies, Leigh (@lovelgihlove) and Kay (@justkayelle) who organized the event, to the vendors, our key note speaker Dr. Lauren Elise (@dr.laurenelise) and teachers - everything was over the top.




















This bomb video is by Nashville Photographer Daniel Christopher (@danielchristopherphoto). Be sure to check him out!


I mentioned having a bomb outfit helped boost my confidence, and I just want to say a huge thanks to Molly Green for collaborating with me and dressing me for this three-day event. Check out my feature on outfitting planning on their blog here and don't forget to shop this adorable boutique. Pieces that I wore are featured in the photos above as well. 

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