Get Whiter Teeth in 10 Days with New GloScience Vials

September 27, 2018

Real talk: a clear face, good hair and white teeth have always been some of my top priorities. Working in TV and in front of the camera for several years has given me that extra awareness of how my teeth look. Having a whiter smile gives me confidence because I know my smile is on point. I believe that a smile is one of the best accessories anyone can have!



I love that Dr. Johnathan B. Levine, one of the top aesthetic dentists and the man behind many celebrity smiles, feels the same way and wants to help people achieve their best looking smile. GloScience just introduced the Glo Brilliant Teeth Whintening Glo Vials. I have had my eye on the GloScience products and have been so excited about trying out this new product. These new vials are fast, easy and effective!



  • FAST: whiten in seconds, takes just seconds to apply and starts working immediately

  • EASY: easy to squeeze, easy to apply, easy to use anywhere on-the-go

  • EFFECTIVE: look at the B&As, instant stain removal, teeth get whiter with each application, 100% of users got whiter teeth


I have noticed a difference in my smile and my teeth have become whiter over the 10 day whitening period. The first couple of days I didn't seem much difference, but by days five and six, I noticed some of the stains and yellowing were starting to disappear. By day 10 I definitely noticed my teeth were "glowing" white. 


I haven't experienced any pain or sensitivity and the gel is safe to swallow. I can't say enough how much I love that the vials are so easy to take on the go! They are pocket size and fit in your purse, coat pocket, desk drawer, you name it! There's no worry about making a mess when applying the gel, and no hassle from applying strips or using a tray. The gel stays put where you place it – no need to rinse. The precision brush tip lets you target the gel where you need it.



Another one of my favorite things about the kit is that they send you 50% more gel so you have more than enough gel and even have extra for stain removal touch ups.

Check out my video for more details on my honest opinion of the Glo Brilliant Teeth Whitening Glo Vials.


Click here to purchase the GloScience Brilliant Teeth Whitening Vials + Lip Care and use code 'GLOKAYLA' for 15% off! (Limit one use per customer.)

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