Fall Fashion: Jackets and Joggers

October 3, 2018

Fall is in full swing and if you're like me, you're trying to get onboard but the weather's not cooperating. Anyways, that's not stopping me from continuing on with fall fashion posts. I hope these inspire you to try something new or even give you something to keep in your back pocket for when the time's right.



Trend Two: Jeans Jackets and Jogger Pants



Can I just say that I'm so glad that jean jackets are fashionable again? I remember wearing them as a kid; correction, I remember my mom dressing my sister and me in jean jackets. Then later in high school, I remember the trend coming back around for a short time, but then it suddenly seemed dorky again. This time though, I've invested in a jacket that I love and will wear it no matter what the fashion gods say. I've seen them pop up this fall and you bet I've been sporting mine. Click here to shop jean jacket.



Joggers are the next best thing to yoga pants. Am I right? They're comfortable and loose fitting, but not too loose so your figure gets lost in the material. I purchased a pair last year and then asked myself why I waited so long. I love the versatility of the style - I've dressed them down (workout tank and tennis shoes) for a more athletic look, and dressed them up (crop top and heels) for a chic sporty vibe. Click here to shop joggers.















Pairing a jean jacket and joggers give off that perfect vibe of "I put some effort in but I'm also here to be casual." It's an effortless look and can be easily paired with heels or tennis shoes. I'm showing off the more edgier look with the jean jacket and joggers, but I've included a few pictures from spring when I styled the joggers for a sporty look.








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