My Journey to MaxLiving Chiropractic | A Testimonial

November 14, 2018

My journey to chiropractic care was, and kind of wasn’t, a traditional one. 


My mom used to take my sisters and me to see a chiropractor when I was younger. I used to have neck problems. I vividly remember one day when I was about five years old, and I couldn’t move my neck. There was a kink on one side and it caused me excruciating pain when I moved my neck. We’d go to the chiropractor as least once as week and, from what I remember, helped with some of the problems I had in my neck. 



Fast forward to 2011 when I moved to Amarillo, Texas and was looking for a job. I had been searching some job boards online and found a position open at the MaxLiving office in Amarillo. (Click here to read more about what sets a MaxLiving Chiropractor apart from the rest.) It wasn’t until I was offered the position, that I started “going to a chiropractor” again.


I have suffered from migraines since I was a teenager and had tried almost everything to get some relief. These migraines were dictating how I lived my life. I had preventative medications, rescue medications, a medication to relax my muscles, essential oils and the list goes on- so when the idea was presented to me that a chiropractor (my boss at the time) could help relieve some of the pain, I was all for giving it a try. 


My relief did not come overnight. Sometimes the pain would instantly go away, but then would come back minutes later. It was probably six months later that I started to see a change in my migraines. I learned that I had to change everything when I stepped outside of the MaxLiving office and start really practicing the 5 Essentials. Yes, getting adjusted was a huge game changer, but I also had to change my lifestyle. I started to be more cautious of my posture, and I was more cautious about what I ate and drank (learning that some of the foods and drinks I loved might trigger my migraines). Plus I also learned that I was very sensitive to smells. I had started to remove a lot of scents, like candles perfumes, etc., and noticed an extreme difference in the frequency of my migraines. 


A new job took me away from chiropractic and it wasn’t until I started suffering from the same symptoms that I knew what I had to do. I immediately sought out another MaxLiving Chiropractor in Nashville. I knew my spine had moved because of my time away from chiropractic and just everyday life. I knew that I had to start from square one and start getting adjusted three times a week, which later turned into two and then one. I knew that I had to start doing my at-home exercises and adopt the 5 Essentials into my life again. 


To be completely honest: I get a migraine about once a month, but it doesn’t last as long and it’s not as intense. Dr. Michael and Dr. Cassie haven’t only helped my with my migraines, but have helped my get my health back on track. Dr. Cassie has been super helpful with a recent detox I completed. I feel like a new person - I have more energy and have even lost weight. Dr. Michael has been extremely helpful with a recent rib/chest issue I’ve encountered. My husband even gets adjusted - he hasn’t gotten sick in over a year and he’s seen a major improvement with his allergies. 


I consider the Majors my primary care doctors and I know that I can go to them with any concerns. I now feel like I have control of my health and I encourage you to check out Major Family Chiropractic. If you’re not in the Nashville area, then find a MaxLiving Center near you by searching here. The office might look a little intimidating, but it’s worth giving it a try and learning what each part of the practice can do for you.

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