Spring Into Doing Things

March 12, 2019

These outfits were gifted by Outdoor Voices. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


I'm back with my favorite athletic brand, Outdoor Voices, and you can call this part two of my first post featuring this workout wear that's on a mission to get people #DoingThings. I featuring them here first and here in the New Year


This time I want to share what I've been doing lately to stay active, why it's important to me and a bit of motivation.


Time management has been huge for me lately. I've recently taken on a new project/client and it's testing out how organized I am. I'm not saying I have it all figured out yet because I haven't been as active as I would like, but I still make sure I have time to do something as simple as taking the dogs for a walk. It makes me feel good and I know it's so important to Magnum and Stella - it's a win-win all around. 


Shop TechSweat 7/8 Leggings // Shop OV Fleece Half Zip

I LOVE the OV Fleece Half Zip! I wear it all the time. Plus I'm still a huge fan of these TechSweat Leggings.




My husband and I started boxing in December of last year. Yes - I was intimidated to try it, but yes - I'm so glad I did! It's honestly been one of my favorite workouts. One - it's high intensity interval training so I know that I'm getting a good sweat in, HIIT workouts are great for you and it works your entire body (considering we walk out of there most of the time looking like we just jumped in a pool). Two - I don't have to think too much about what I'm doing. Yes, I have to think about the moves, but I love being able to check out and just listen to what the instructor's telling you to do. It's like someone else plans your workout for you. If you're interested in where I've been taking classes, check out Title Boxing Club. Also if you still want to lift weights, Title Boxing has a designated area for that complete with free-weights and other equipment. 


Shop Slashback Crop // Shop TechSweat Zoom Leggings

The Slashback Crop is a very cute piece, but doesn't stay put for me while boxing. I love the TechSweat Zoom Leggings because they do stay put and hold you in during high intensity activities.



Staying active and fit is important to me because I love the way I feel when I exercise regularly and eat great. Everything overall - mind, body, etc. - functions better for me. I almost feel like I get more sore when I'm not active - like my knees and legs start to hurt more. It's weird, I know! I also know that being healthy now and in the future will benefit me in the long run. Developing healthy habits now will ensure that I won't be making terrible choices when I get older. 


Shop Doing Things Bra // Shop Springs Leggings // Shop EcoMesh Tee

I love this sports bra - it's comfy and supportive. These Springs Leggings are a must! They're supportive and stay put while #DoingThings. The EcoMesh Tee is so comfortable and breathable.


I've said it before, Outdoor Voices is about #DoingThings - and that doesn't mean getting in the gym and sweating your butt off or running marathons. It means moving, being active, doing whatever it is you like and have fun doing it! I suggest taking on thing at a time if you're looking for a way to live a healthier lifestyle. Whether it be drinking more water during the day, taking walks during your lunch break - at least your taking steps towards making your life healthier and doing things.




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